The images have taken a lot of hard work to take.
Please respect the copyright. If you want them ask.
All images (C) Richard A Bailey, Images Underwater.
I currently live in Dubai, United Arab
Emirates and am an active member of the
local BSAC club DSDC, with whom I do
most of my diving.
The majority of the images are from my
local area namely the Arabian Gulf and
Red Sea. However some are from the UK
during my forays back home to less than
warm waters.
My Diving Qualifications include :
PADI - Instructor, OWSI, Nitrox, Dry Suit,
Wreck, Photography and Deep.  
BSAC - Open Water Instructor.  
TDI - Advanced Nitrox, Decompression
Procedures, Extended Range, Normoxic
Tri-Mix and Evolution CCR (Air Diluent).
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