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Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Following a recent question I thought I’d put together a list of links with some of my favorite photo related web sites.
So here you go, hope you like :-

Shutterbug Dubai
A group of friends and I setting ourselves monthly challenges, the results and our critiques.

Local Photo forum, some good, some bad but local. A good source for finding out where to get hold of stuff out here.

David Hobby (aka Strobist)
Founder of the small flash movement, another great teacher with a very informative blog. Also there is a Strobist 101 and 102 series on the website for learning to light.

Joe McNally
The Guru of light. Has photo graphed for all the big boys but is also amazing at sharing his skills. Two amazing books also, “The moment it clicks” and “Hot Shoe diary’s”.

Chase Jarvis
Edge US based photographer, very good on the multimedia / social networking side, marketing himself. Recently shot the new SanDisk commercial (very cool) and posted a daily video diary about how it was done.

Zack Arias
Another stunning people photographer from the USA.

Canon Rumors
Good site with various rumors on new Canon (and some third party compatible) products, handy if your about to buy. Avoid that replaced the day you buy syndrome of consumer electronics.

Photoshop Disasters
Photoshop Oops from around the world. Learn by others mistakes and see how extreme some of the main stream model retouching is.

Leading Forum on underwater photography, some of the top UW photographers in the world float around here.

Big Picture
Blog from one of the photo editors of the Boston globe. Just truly amazing photos from around the world. Good source of varied inspiration.

A world class Post Processing expert, and one of the leaders in HDR David Nightingale.

Gulf Photo Plus
Local company who organizes annual photography symposium and courses, including McNally, Hobby etc..

Richard B.

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Drip, Drip, Drip

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Hi All,

Wanted to do these for ages and have tried before with no luck, however think I have nailed it this time.

This was first attempt :-

However this was not the effect I was after, this was shot into a shallow (1 inch) Pyrex dish and this is the water drop bouncing back, what I wanted was the classic crown :-

Settings :-
Manual Mode
Shutter 200 sec fastest standard sync, the motion is stopped by flash.
Aperture f5.6 (to give some DOF over crown and variations in impact point.
Lens 100mm Macro, manual focus.
Camera on tripod, motor drive and cable release.
One flash camera left, another one camera right on eTTL metering. Controlled by STE-2 controller on camera. Red gel on left strobe and blue gel on right and color bias controlled via ratio function on controller.
A bit (but not much) of PP saturation and sharpen tweak.

This is how it really looked :

The bottle is a 1 litre water bottle with a PIN hole, tried a small bradawl and made to big a hole.
The height of this is controlled with a piece of string.
The target is a white chopping board with a white background from the back of a tea tray.

Overall I shot 633 images, got 20 okay results and then these are the best, about a 1% success rate !.

p.s. Please humor me and click on the subscribe link on the RHS.

Richard B.

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Miniature / Small world

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Another in the shutterbug series, “Miniature / Small world”.
Following a friends “certified photoshop free” I thought I’d be brave and bare all!
These are all straight out of camera, not even a watermark, so DON’T steal.

“Out the toy box”
16mm, 1/13sec, F5.6, Av
Manual Focus (measured)
Tripod (yes inside the box)
Off camera flash top right.

16mm, 1/5sec, F5.6, Av
Off camera flash top center, to help texture.

50mm, f5.6, 2/5sec, Av
Total -2/3 ev.
Flash low left.

“Back Step”
50mm, f5.6, 2/5sec, Av
Total -1/3 ev.
Flash high right -1ev.

“Long grass”
100mm Macro, f2.8, 2.5 sec, Av
Flash top right

50mm, f5.6, 25sec, Av, ISO 200.
(it was dark hence 25s & ISO200).
Flash low right.

As always, comments, abuse and questions welcome.

Richard B.

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Nifty Fifty – got to love em !

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

After my earlier trials and tribulations I managed to find a Sigma 1.4 with out any back focus issues, even took my own test chart.
As you can see it auto focused spot on the target line.

And here is a snap trying it out, lovely depth of field, smooth creamy bokeh.

Richard B.

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