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Habari, Sunset Strips

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Hi All,

Or maybe I should say “anybody” as not sure there is anybody out there, however, I digress. On to some photos.

Some recent shots from a work trip I took and had to sail from Galle (Sri Lanka) to Fujairah (UAE) onboard one of the companies ships.

These are all stitched panoramas, and the sunset ones are HDR as well. I’ll post more technical details separately, however, hope you like.
(As always double click to download a bigger version, although not full res as they are BIG files.)

And one of outside, quality and stitching not good as taken from a moving / rocking boat.

And one of the aft end of the main engine, again not great as just shot with my little pocket camera but you get the idea.


Richard B.

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